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Arlette Thomas-Fletcher
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Giving God's Love To Others 

"Giving God Love To Others" is a great book for every Christian and every Christian leader. It is a book that talks about how important it is to show the love of God. So often as Christians our behavior does not reflect the love behavior that God wants us to show. We sometimes are unaware that we are out of line with the way we are reacting or behaving toward others. This book addresses the importance of taking the time to assure that we show this love behavior and it outlines scripture in a way that we can stay on track. It is a very inspiring book that has won the Pinnacle Book Award!

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God's Dream Inside Of Me

Joseph dreamt a dream that his father and his brother's never realized was the dream that God had for the life of Joseph. But it was that dream that saved a people and his family from famine in a time of need. Joseph went through a lot for the dream to be fulfilled but it was God's dream for Joseph not Joseph's dream for himself. God has a dream that He has placed in all of us and  it is up to us to fulfill God's Dream Inside of us. I have learned that I want to fulfill that and that is what the book "God's Dream Inside of Me" is about, realizing the plan God has for my life. I truly believe that you will find the same thing will happen to you as you read this book and realize the vision/dream God has for your life.

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Saying Yes To God!

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Is The Devil Using You?

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God challenged me to take on the responsibility of saying yes to him for an entire year. I always felt that I said yes to the Lord. But the experiences I had over the year of totally committing to saying yes taught me about true submission to God. I found myself realizing that I did not always fully say yes to God and how hard it was at times to fully commit to the things I had to say yes to which honored God in my life. As I complete this book I truly feel that a milestone is happening in my life. I believe you will too when you embark on the journey of "Saying Yes to God."

I know that the title "Is The Devil Using You?" may seem strange but it came from a sermon that God blessed me to preach. It was revelation knowledge that was imparted to me to realize that we can be used to influence negative things in the lives of others by the enemy. I truly don't want to cause anyone grief in their lives let alone be used by the Devil to be apart of anything that brings anyone down. We don't think about how sometimes the things we say and do affect those around us and the enemy uses those closet to us to harm us or hurt our feelings or to derail us from God's purpose for our lives. I truly believe this road that I am learning is important and will be a great learning experience for anyone who reads this book when it is completed. 

The Lonesome Trail is a story about forgiveness, God's love, and a family's journey West. It is set in a fictitious town in Montana called Red Springs. It focuses on the impact of a tyrant who as a result of his own hardship causes pain and turmoil to homesteaders who are moving to the territory. The book takes the reader on a journey of two families dealing with romance, love, and betrayal. It is a God-focused story that shows how a Boston-raised preacher comes to the old West to bring the message of the Lord to the people of this small town.  It is an exciting book that has received the Pinnacle Book Award!

The Lonesome Trail


   Poetry for the Soul

The purpose of writing Poetry for the Soul is to encourage those who are discouraged by trials and tribulations that they face through-out life. It is my hope that this book will ignite the Holy Spirit inside of you to do that thing that God has called you to do. I know many times the devil will use things in our lives to bring us down so that we feel as though we cannot overcome the challenges that God has placed before us.


I want these poems to be like dynamite exploding in your soul. I want them to destroy the yoke of bondage in your hear as a hurricane destroys everything in its path. I hope that you are encouraged, exalted, motivated, and delivered from the chains that might block your mind from the potential God has placed within you.


 Western Books

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Children's Books

Dreamers Journey

Dreamer’s Journey is about dreaming and exploring through a child’s imagination.  The purpose of the book is to assist a child with learning what they can become in the future. It allows children to know that they can be anything they want to be in this world. It is a great book for children to read to practice and learn how to plan their dreams. The book also can be a partnership between the parent and child together discovering all the fantastic things that a child can learn and use to make their dreams come true.  and plan for a child's future. It is a motivating story for children to help them follow their dreams. The book has won the Pinnacle Book Award!

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Teen's Dreams Work Book

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The Cat Faced Cat

We love cats because they are fun, playful, warm, soft and cuddly animals! There is a lot of fun in "The Cat-Faced Cat, a book about  a cat looking for a place to live and a family to love. "The Cat-Faced Cat named Benny" is the first of a series of inspirational tales. It's time to start the journey of "The Cat-Faced Cat'' with this first book. Children will love following him on his exciting adventures with his wonderful new family! We are excited to share our endorsement by Kid's First!

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Planning Your Dreams (for Teens)

"The Planning Your Dreams" for Teens is an exciting book that guides a teen through planning their future life and goals. It is a great tool to start a teen looking at the kind of things they want to do with their lives. Sometimes it's hard to realize what you want to be when you grow up but the Planning Your Dreams book is an awesome resource for every teen to use before going to high school or making plans for college. 

Adult's Dreams Work Book

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Re-Starting Your Dreams Work Book (for Adults)

What is a dream when you are old? So often as adults we stop dreaming because we believe our lives are finished where we stand. But this isn't true you are never too old to plan your future. You can always make changes in your life. It is possible to change careers or go back to school and learn new things. So don't give up on your dreams you still have time to pursue them. "Planning Your Dreams Workbook" for Adults allows you to do just that. Stop and look at what you really want to do with your life and start to work on planning it. 

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